How an office fit-out company can help you adapt your office space for millennials and Gen Z

Gen Z is reaching the workplace and millennials have been around for a while. Both age groups seem to be having very specific ways in which they like to work. Among them, is that they want an office space that makes you feel more comfortable and connected to your work.

While the idea might come easy to you if you have seen Google offices, for example, you might have a hard time adapting your space into that. Office fit-out companies can help you do exactly that. They’ll provide your office space with the following characteristics to a make sure it fits all age groups.


The new generations have a special fixation on communication, flexibility and choosing how they want to work. Many might like traditional work spaces and many might prefer more communal ones. The right design in your office can give them that. A fit-out company could adapt spaces to let communication and productivity be simultaneous. Usually they’ll manage this through an open plan office, having coworking spaces that will help boost your employee’s creativity. This generation prioritizes communication more than ever and open plan offices can help you do that while optimizing the space you have.


It is a fact that millennials have better technologies at home than they have a t the office usually. The newest generations have been using technology ever since they were kids and need a workplace that somewhat impresses them in hoe it can be integrated with the tech they have. A fit-out company will show you what tools will facilitate communication and engagement, and how you should place them within the working space to make them more efficient.

Business and pleasure

One of the biggest differences of the newest generation is that as they have higher stress levels, they need better release mechanisms. An office space that offers them a way to be relaxed and to work at the same time. In your office fit-out companies will show you what options are within your space capabilities. You might not be able to add a ping-pong table, but maybe a few puffs and a TV will do.